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Before I get back to my regular observation and report of my daily life with the boys, I have to share how our recent family vacation started.

It started in the emergency room of course.

Good times.

My sister and her family arrived around one in the afternoon on their first day here. Kids were running here and there, adults were attempting to converse and Full Speed was taking his energy to a whole new level. He was beyond spastastic.

As the gang (I call them a gang because they clearly outnumbered the adults) of kids began the customary running loop at the center of our house, Full Speed gets into a rumble with a stationary door and loses.


His head hits the edge of the door with a sick thud, he drops to the floor and starts screaming. I take one look at the bulging, bloodied mass forming on his forehead and nearly vomit (seriously!). You could actually see his blood pulsing furiously through the huge, goose-egged bump.

And off to the emergency room we go. My visiting family had only been with us roughly 30-45 minutes before this happened.

Welcome to my world, Family. Welcome to my world…

Full Speed’s injury about two hours after initial impact. By this time the swelling had gone down considerably and his energy and spunk had returned. No concussion and no stitches needed thankfully.

5 thoughts on “Bump!”

  1. Oh, those head injuries are always the worst! Each one of my kids has seriously endangered themselves and my calm with a head injury of some sort.

    Thank Heaven that kids bounce so much better than we older-types do! These incidents are terrifying, and can bleed like nobody’s business. I’m so glad Frack is ok. Lots of hugs!

    1. Motherhood is full of heart-stopping moments. Some are good and some are bad. I’m thankful we all came through okay. Of course Frack was bouncing off the walls by the time we returned from ER and all I wanted to do was take a nap.

  2. Its a fact, kids are tougher than us elders. I am glad that Frack is ok. It never happens at covenient times. But such is life. Sounds as if you had a good visit.

    1. We had a great visit. I spent a lot of time with the nieces and nephews and felt like i got to know who they are a little bit more. Wish they lived closer but I know we will be planning more trips soon.

  3. oh goodness! Sorry to hear this is how your vacation time with the family started. Glad that there were no stitches or concussion. Hope Frack’s head feels better soon.

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