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The Painkiller

One of Mad Dog’s talents (and he will tell you he has boundless amounts of talent) is to find new and interesting places to dine. After some research and careful planning, we packed up the boys and headed to Ponte Vedra to eat at the carribean restaurant, Pussers. It was a nicer establishment so that meant we had to get in early, eat fast and make a quick exit. As the parents of boys, leisurely dining is absolutely out of the question.

We arrive and promptly put the boys’ orders in. I promptly order Pussers’ well-renowned tropical drink call the Painkiller. You can order it with different amounts of coconut rum and I ordered the rookie version.

As soon as the drinks arrive both boys escalate. They are buzzing with so much energy and movement all I can do is sigh and shake my head.

Mad Dog looks at me and says, “You should have gone full-throttle with the Painkiller.”

Live and learn, dear friends. Live and learn.

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