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School Supplies

Full Speed strikes a GQ pose before our Polynesian Resort luau at Disney

Is it normal to want to cry when you purchase your soon-to-be-kindergartener’s school supplies?

I am so not a fan of change.

In order to counteract my anxiety about his approaching kindergarten start date, I purchased Full Speed’s supplies early.

It hasn’t really helped that gnawing edge of dread in the pit of my stomach.

At least I tried.

The cashier was thankfully a mother and did not seem to question my slightly erratic and emotional behavior. It took a lot of concentration to keep my tears at bay while signing the electronic credit card apparatus at Target.

I also didn’t want to self-disclose too much since I know how uncomfortable it can be to have to listen to someone else’s issues. I’m the kind of person that seems to elicit strange, personal confessions from random people I meet during the day. It’s usually awkward when someone in the post office line starts telling me about their recent toenail surgery in detail or how their boyfriend won’t claim paternity of their baby (both true stories!).

So, I kept my thoughts of change to myself. I didn’t share that Full Speed would be starting kindergarten days after little T.Puzzle has his first of two eye surgeries. I didn’t share that I hoped that by simply gathering up all of Full Speed’s needed supplies early, that this would somehow make these two enormous events less intimidating for me.

Little T.Puzzle hams it up as one of his cousins places frisbees as ‘mickey ears’ on his head

Now, what else can I attempt to micromanage in the next couple weeks?

Any suggestions?

1 thought on “School Supplies”

  1. Woe a lot is going to be taking place so soon. Well if I can remember kindergarten was one of the best years ever. You are doing great. I have no advice on what else to micromanage. Are you dropping him at school or is he taking the bus? I will keep both boys in my prayers.

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