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Kindergarten Lessons

The boys ‘quietly’  sitting on the couch together

As we drove past big brother Full Speed’s soon-to-be grade school, he began to explain a few things to his little brother.

“See T.Puzzle?  That’s where I will go to kindergarten. Maybe next time you can come with me to my screaming (screening).”

Little T.Puzzle was duly impressed. Full Speed continued.

“The hardest part of starting kindergarten will be keeping quiet and only talking during recess. I don’t know how I’m going to do it,” he said.

Frankly, neither do I.

1 thought on “Kindergarten Lessons”

  1. omg that is too cute! I love that he gives Frick all the helpful hints and he knows his biggest challenge is to wait until recess to talk. Too cute.

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