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Well Behaved (don’t get your reading glasses, I really wrote that)

We went to Costco as a family. I do not enjoy shopping in a large warehouse setting packed to the gills with merchandise and shoppers. The noise, colors and smells in this vast space bombard me at every angle and make my skin crawl. You add in the antics of the boys and I’m all but hunkered down in the wine department pleading for a Costco worker to give me a sample. Now there’s an idea, if Costco gave out wine samples like they did their foodstuffs, it would quickly go to the top of my best-store-ever list.

Of course Mad Dog loves it even without the promise of free alcohol. He could spend hours bumping into people, perusing the gigantic lasagnas and nibbling on samples of cheese if he so desires.

To compromise, our trips to this mecca of bulk-shopping are rare and since I know how much Mad Dog loves it and I love him, I go.

As we entered the store I took a deep pull of breath and braced myself for the worst.

I was pleasantly surprised. This surprise is in reference to the boys.  They behaved with the utmost respect and decorum. They behaved how I always knew they could. The rest of the experience was much as I imagined; crowded, loud and larger-than-life.

This refreshing and unexpected of calmness of T.Puzzle and Full Speed was enough to help me endure the ocean of Costco madness.

Way to go, guys!  Now, let’s take this rare occurrence and supersize it Costco style!

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