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Little T.Puzzle plays with his portable Thomas track from Grandma in the waiting area.
Little T.Puzzle is confounded by the dot that marks his eye prepped for surgery.
The ride home after many tears and frustration over having to wear his eye shield.
Little T.Puzzle glares at me as I yet again admonish him from removing his eye shield. Once he ate some food, he was more compliant but his anger is still bubbling just under the surface.

Little T.Puzzle’s lens removal went smoothly. His recovery, not so much. He is younger then when his big brother went through this process and therefore it is harder for him to comprehend why he has to wear that pesky eye shield. He’s really mad, too, because his glasses won’t fit over it. I think he is experiencing more pain as well. He had more stray ‘strands’ surrounding the lense that had to be removed. The good news is that the lens  removal may help center his pupils. They are slightly off-center due to his ectopia lentis.

He is a trooper and I know tomorrow will be so much better.

4 thoughts on “Post-Op”

  1. Aw, so sorry he had to go through that. Maybe if you tell him he gets to be a “real” PIRATE for the day?? Have some kind of “loot” for him if he leaves his patch in place?

    It’s so hard when they’re little, cause we just want to take the pain for them.

    Hugs to alla youse pirates!

    1. My little pirate is catching on to wearing the shield, and the burning eye drops four times a day, well, not so much. AARRRR!

  2. I am so happy again to hear that the surgery went well. I am praying that the pain goes away fast and so happy that throughout the process with Frack you guys were able to find such a great doctor and that the Frick was able to go through the procedures much sooner. He is a trooper 🙂

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