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Cute Baby

We had quite an exciting morning.  We hosted Cute Baby so her Mom could take her sister, Miss Cutie, to the doctor.  Full Speed and T.Puzzle were in their entertaining glory.  They quickly decided to build a train track for Cute Baby because every almost-year-old baby girl loves trains, right?

When I picked up Full Speed from kindergarten he asked if Cute Baby was still at our house.  He was bummed out that she had already gone home.

“Could Cute Baby stay with us for a whole week?” he pleaded.

“Well, sweetie, she would miss her Mom too much,” I replied.

“Mom, I could go to Cute Baby’s house for ten weeks and I wouldn’t even miss you!” he said.

So, I did the only logical thing I could.  I made a mental plan to drop him off next Tuesday.

1 thought on “Cute Baby”

  1. omg he said that! First of all that pic of him hugging Cute Baby is so freakin cute! Did you tell Cute Baby’s mom the plan?? lol

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