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Are You My Mother?

One of the absolute highlights of motherhood is the unexpected humor.  It helps because if you are laughing you are less likely to be crying.

Full Speed is convinced that his Aunt Skee gave birth to him and that Mad Dog and I ‘adopted him’.  Long ago when looking at his newborn photos he came across a super-smiley pic of my sister holding him at the hospital.  I guess because she seemed genuinely euphoric at his arrival (while I looked dazed and confused), he assumed that my sister must be his ‘Mom’.

See what I mean? Dazed? Confused? Check and check.
The pic of Aunt Skee and Full Speed that started it all.

No matter how many times I tell him the truth, “Yes, I am your Mom.  I’ve always been your Mom.  No amount of labor or pain meds during my labor will ever change that fact, Full Speed (ok, I left this last sentence out, but you get the gist).”  He just doesn’t believe me.  He brings it up at random times, too.  Like today, “Remember when I was born and I was Aunt Skee’s baby and you and Dad came and got me?”  I’ve learned not to fight it.  “Yes, Full Speed.  I remember.  Your Dad and I came and saw you and you were so cute we took you home.”

“Yes, and I was even cuter than my brother.  He was a BIIIIIG baby!”

I realized through my tears of laughter he must have heard my many less-than-wonderful references to birthing all 9 lbs. 7 oz. of  his ‘little’ brother, T.Puzzle.

T.Puzzle (a.k.a. BIIIIIG baby) gets set to be weighed on his arrival day.

But trust me, my boys are equally cute.  And funny, too.

1 thought on “Are You My Mother?”

  1. oh that is awesome!! He is a funny boy 🙂 I can’t believe that but it honestly makes me laugh out loud. heheheh

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