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T.Puzzle showing off some personality (and energy).

You know your day is long if you are spending a majority of it praying to the ‘napping gods’ that your very contrary three year old will take an afternoon snooze.  T.Puzzle is on the dreaded cusp of outgrowing his nap altogether.  It’s not such a bad thing on days we are on the go and everyone is in a good mood.  On the days when despite all appearances (crazy running, yelling and jumping), T.Puzzle’s little body needs recovery time post-surgery; a nap can be a much needed thing.  In addition to the health benefits it also should hopefully improve his mood as it seems he woke up on the oppositional defiant side of his bed this morning.

Apparently, ‘No!’ and ‘I not!’ can never be overused in his wiseguy opinion.

Thank god he’s asleep right now.  At least if he’s sleeping he ain’t talking and therein lies the real beauty of a napping child.

1 thought on “Wiseguy”

  1. oh goodness I never thought about that…when do you know that they do not need naps anymore? I feel like I was always resistant but now as an adult I can’t wait to go to yoga class at lunchtime for my 8 minute nap!

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