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Ad Nauseum

Full Speed seems rife with imaginary stomach ailments as of late.  I believe his symptoms are being caused by an acute case of brotherly jealousitis.  Apparently watching your little brother get doted on post-surgery as well as getting to stay home with Mom during his recovery is enough to make any older brother’s stomach ‘hurt’.

Full Speed feebly tried to play the sick card this morning only to be revitalized by the promise of a PB&J sandwich in his packed lunch.  Upon his return home from the school day he gave a convincing performance that he was going to ‘PUKE!’ (which he never did but boy did he make me scramble) and needed several moments of quiet rest upstairs (which required being ‘checked-on’ ad nauseum by me).

He ‘rested’ 10 minutes tops and then he was miraculously ‘better’.  You should have seen the way he inhaled his dinner.  He was like a mini-human vacuum.  That put all concerns about the health of his stomach to rest.

My hope is side effects of brotherly jealousitis may include drowsiness, reduced opinion making and total compliance with maternal demands.

That is so beyond the realm of possibility I just made my own stomach hurt.

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