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Happy Face

I am getting better at the kindergarten drop-off.  Full Speed  is still doing awesome with it.  He even does silly things to try to make me laugh (like putting his backpack on his head or doing a funny dance) as he walks towards the doors of school.

Even though it is going swimmingly, my heart still aches as I have to leave him there.  Without realizing this morning, I inhaled sharply and let out a long, slow breath as I watched Full Speed get out of the truck.

T.Puzzle, who seems to have inherited some of my highly empathic genes, immediatlely asks, “What’s wrong, Mommy?”

It shocked me back into the present moment.  I was stunned that my three year old picked up on this and a reminder that little eyes and ears are always watching.

“Oh, T.Puzzle, sometimes Mommy gets sad when I have to drop Full Speed at kindergarten.  I miss him and I miss you while you are at school.”

“It’s okay, Mommy.  Put on your happy face, okay?”

So, I did.  Thanks, T.Puzzle.

16 thoughts on “Happy Face”

    1. thank you! Any time my boys show empathy, it fills me with hope and pride that maybe I’m doing an okay job somewhere, somehow with them.

      1. After lens removal surgeries, plus 8 & 9 for my oldest. Plus 12 & 13 for my youngest. My oldest used to be minus 29 & 30. We always just accepted them and their glasses as is. That seemed to help the world be more accepting too.

    1. My boys had the lenses removed and due to eye structure, will have lens implants when they are done growing. LASIK is an option, but again, our ophthalmologist prefers to wait until they are older. We are good with these choices because our boys function so well with glasses only. I wish you and your family well. It isn’t easy at times, but the challenges help shape the gifts within ourselves and our kids.

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