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I understand there are laws that govern classroom size.

I understand that moving kids three weeks after school starts to a new teacher and classroom is ultimately in the best interest of the school.

But, really, did it have to be my kid?

Does this look like a kid who is happy to be moving to a new room?

I believe that eventually many wonderful things will happen with this transition.  Full Speed will learn valuable skills about handling change, he will meet new friends and he will love his new class as much as his old.  Maybe even more if we are lucky.

However, when life is teaching us lessons, it would be helpful if there was a nanny on stand-by to intervene at the inevitable angry outbursts of a five-year-old when change is upon us.

Any volunteers?

3 thoughts on “Changes”

  1. sounds like an opportunity to teach your little man the “power of Now”!!! That is a tough one. One year Mike went to three different preschools, but he is not Full Speed. Good luck and remember, no matter what, all is well.

    1. In my former life this would have been a reason to have a complete meltdown. Intellectually I am embracing the change and have managed to put on a good game face for Full Speed. He is cut of the cloth that thrives in an ever-changing environment. I am not. I need to watch and learn from him.

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