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We were all set to host our friends for dinner.  Since we are the couple with the young kids, it’s most practical for them to come to our house.  That way they can still see the boys and after we put Full Speed and T.Puzzle to bed, we have the chance to have an actual uninterrupted conversation.

At least this was the plan.

Apparently, plans were made to be broken as well as the heads of overactive children.

Ten minutes before our guests arrive Full Speed does a swan dive off the couch onto our hardwoood floor.  Through his screams of pain Mad Dog was able to triage his damaged noggin.  And wouldn’t you know it, Full Speed managed to land on precisely the same spot that had been the reason for a July trip to the emergency room.

Injury #1

Fortunately this time the goose-egg reached about an eighth of the size of the previous injury.  No emergency room visit was required for Full Speed.

Injury #2

However Mom required many, many glasses of wine with her dinner.

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