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You & Me

This is why it is good to be a Mommy of a five year old boy.  They have yet to develop a searing need to be completely independent of you.  They miraculously even think you’re pretty cool, too.  And for a woman whose age scale has begun its inevitable tip toward the middle, any accolade of cool is much appreciated.

I took my sort of cool self to Full Speed’s class to volunteer.  It was a perfect way to meet his new teacher, she’s very nice by the way, and see what’s what.  It was an early dismissal day and there was pizza.  I helped with the food, the clean-up and with whatever odds and ends she threw at me.  Full Speed’s classmates were extremely adorable and I had a great time meeting them.

When I asked Full Speed what his favorite part of the morning was he said, “When you came in to visit me.”

And that’s when my ego grew three times its normal size.

3 thoughts on “You & Me”

    1. That pick is from Dave & Buster’s at Full Speed’s birthday last year. It is rare to catch genuine joy in a pic and that’s why it’s one of my all time faves of him and me.

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