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Silly Me

T.Puzzle’s hair is in a slightly awkward state.  A few millimeters of growth and it will improve dramatically.  Or, you could go Mad Dog’s preferred route and shave it all off again.  I decided to wait it out.

Since it was picture day at T.Puzzle’s school I had to take matters into my own hands.  I agonizingly shellacked his hair into place.  By the time school drop-off rolled around, his hair started to fuzz back into its original shape.  It wasn’t great but I smoothed it down best I could, fretted that it wouldn’t be picture-perfect and went on my way.

Not an hour later the school calls to tell us there was an ‘incident’.  T.Puzzle ran smack dab into a door, hit his head and was minorly injured.  However, a line had formed on his forehead in the precise spot his head connected with the door.  I was told it was red and puffy, too.  This happened right before pictures of course.

Silly me.  And I was worried his hair would be mussed.


Thankfully, by day's end, the injury had faded significantly.


1 thought on “Silly Me”

  1. Oh goodness! Picture day at school always made me crazy. You are a funny girl…ohh little T.Puzzle I hope his bump went down.

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