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Here’s Hoping…

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I’m feeling nervous.  I have been cracking down on the boys and their behavior and frankly, the only thing that is close to cracking is me.  But that’s not why I’m nervous.

I told Full Speed and T.Puzzle that they need excellent reports from school so we can go to IHOP for dinner.  No exceptions.  I need a ‘blue’ day from Full Speed, blue being the absolute best mark you can get in kindergarten, and I need an excellent report from T.Puzzle’s teacher.   If not, no pancakes no how.

So you see I’m nervous because I don’t want to have to follow through with my threat.  It’s not that I’m jonesing for pancakes for dinner.  It’s that I’m jonesing for my kitchen to remain mess-free.

However, I guess the real punishment if I get negative school reports won’t be so much that the boys won’t go to IHOP and my kitchen will be messy, but that I would have to cook for them.

Poor dears.

2 thoughts on “Here’s Hoping…”

  1. Hi there! I was scrolling through and saw the Buckeye jerseys…just had to stop by and say hi to a fellow Buckeye family. Good luck with dinner tonight…there are always frozen chicken nuggets and apple sauce! Easy to cook, easy to eat, easy to clean up. Good luck!

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