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Wise for His Size

It was Full Speed’s turn to graduate.

He was fired up from the start.

Once he donned his sparring gear he felt unstoppable.

He attacked with everything he had.  His opponent didn’t stand a chance.

Full Speed breaks out his flying spin kick.
Go Full Speed!

One of the best parts about being six years old is that life and its lessons haven’t completely caught up to you yet.  You still believe in the impossible.

Santa will visit your house.

Life will always good.

And, in Full Speed’s case, you can imagine that you are a six foot, 190 lb. man who can beat anyone or any obstacle with a spin kick and a heart like a lion.

Maybe Full Speed has something to teach us all.

2 thoughts on “Wise for His Size”

  1. Congratulations Full Speed! The photos are great! It is so great to see how he continues to grow in his passion. I really needed this post today. There is so much hope and so much that we can learn from children, especially the thought that you have to believe in yourself.

  2. Thanks, Moni! He really is an inspiration when you see him on the mat. He is full of fire and confidence. He teaches me every day. I hope you are well, dear friend.

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