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Fear of books and fear of libraries.

Yes, I have it.

Big time.

Don’t get me wrong, on the rare occasion I visit a library by myself, it is a little slice of heaven in my day.  Silence and books are two of my favorite commodites. 

The fear part comes in when I have to take Full Speed and T.Puzzle with me. 

They love the books.

They don’t love the silence.

They do anything in their power to combat silence.

They are quite skilled.

I’m close to conquering my fears.  After nearly two and half years of Florida living I took the plunge and got a library card.

Yes, it took me that long.  Yes, if you met Full Speed and T.Puzzle you totally understand.

Now all I have to do is find a book on ‘How to Teach Two Strong-Willed, Independent Thinking Boys To Comply To Your Every Command’.

It’s a long shot I know.

3 thoughts on “Bibliophobia”

  1. Hmmm I like libraries but I don’t love the silence thing and I am a grown up… I love the noise of humanity… am I crazy? Great blog friend…

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