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Go Time

Full Speed and T.Puzzle graciously congratulate the other team for their win. Good sportsmanship in action.

How do you know how far to push your kids?  If they were given complete control of their lives, especially in the case of my two boys, their days would consist of cookie consumption, marathon viewings of Transformers cartoons and endless hours glued to a computer or handheld electronic device.  So when one of them tells me that they don’t want to go to soccer practice, I don’t take it too seriously.

Looking back to my own childhood and the sports and hobbies I pursued, most of them didn’t ring true for me.  Softball was okay, volleyball was alright and guitar lessons were beyond my scope of muscial ability. 

I have no regrets that I didn’t pursue any of these things for longer than I did.   I did them more because that was what was expected of me and I’m no worse for the wear.  I learned about commitment, loyalty, teamwork and always finishing something you start.  These are good things.

I will continue to hold my boys to a higher standard than they hold for themselves for the forseeable future (with a marathon viewing of Transformers occasionally tossed in for good measure) and hope for the best.  

It’s not necessarily what they pursue with Mom and Dad’s encouragement, it’s about the lessons they learn while they pursue it.

Grab your cleats, boys.  It’s go time!

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