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Around the World

T.Puzzle’s school hosted their annual ‘International Night’.  Each classroom had a national theme and had food to represent this theme. 

All week the boys were excited for this event.  T.Puzzle kept asking Mad Dog if he was going to come and have ‘Chinese food with us?’ about twice a day.  Full Speed was looking forward to hanging out at his old stomping grounds and playing on the slides and outdoor equipment.  Of course, he was all about the food, too.

The boys decorate our entry for Mad Dog to welcome him home in anticipation of our attendance of International Night.
I looked forward to the event because the boys were beside themselves with anticipation.  I also had some reservations.  It’s crowded, hot, chaotic and extremely noisy.  This is hard for me when my preference is solitude, moderate temperatures with a cool breeze thrown in, complete organization and extreme quiet.  The cards were stacked against me.

By the time it was done, my nervous system was on overdrive teetering on the brink of a total meltdown.  Even Mad Dog had reached his limit.

The boys however seemed to gain energy from the more people, food and ‘countries’ we visited.  They even insisted on playing outside the school for as long as we would allow.

The ride home was no different.  Mad Dog and I sat in near catatonic silence while T.Puzzle and Full Speed amped up their antics in the back.

I guess that’s part of parenting.  You do things that are out of your comfort zone and nine times out of ten you end up having a good time.  Watching your kids have a blast makes anything feel like a success.   Even if you need a nap afterwards.

2 thoughts on “Around the World”

    1. They liked Italy the best for the pizza of course! It was also in T.Puzzle’s room and he was happy to see his teacher, too.

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