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Mad Dog on the field in happier, less questioning times...
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In Mad Dog’s soccer history, which believe me is full of fascinating tidbits, while he was aggressively thundering through his high school career, he never ever got kicked out of a game.  Yellow card, yes.  Booted?  Not once.

Well, times change.  Mad Dog got himself booted from the last game of T.Puzzle and Full Speed’s season.  It didn’t matter that he was the coach.  He. Got. Booted.

It was the strangest thing to watch.  Parents and spectators alike were beyond befuddled.  One minute the game is going along smoothly, the next the referee marches off the field and Mad Dog takes to the bench.  Eventually, he had to remove himself completely from the field.  Apparently the ref couldn’t even stand to look at him.

This particular referee and Mad Dog had developed a contentious relationship over the course of the season.  She didn’t like to consistently follow the rules and Mad Dog consistently questioned this logic.

I live in a house of questions.  If one boy isn’t asking me something most surely another one is.  These questions can be polite, that isn’t the issue.  Sometimes it’s the quantity of the questions that wears on one’s sanity.

I’m not saying Mad Dog wasn’t right to want rule consistency for his team.  Asking about it a lot did little to help his case.  So what happened?

He got booted.

I have to admit, he handled it like a gentleman.  I’m sure most in his situation would have gone off the deep end when asked to leave the field.  He did what he was told and remained calm.

On the flipside parents were outraged.  Some began to chant, “Win it for Coach!’  Which to the shock of all in attendance, our team actually did (we were like 1-5 at this point and while we have heart, we lack in pretty much anything else required of good soccer). 

We may have played mostly unskilled and unremarkable soccer throughout the season, but friends, this is a season that will go down in history.

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