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Forget and Forget

A Disney trip when the boys were younger. At least there were open spaces and lots of kid-geared activities making this 'vacation' quite fun.

I was on the phone with a friend and before our conversation turned to more serious matters we discussed an interesting facet of motherhood.  We are both amazed how quickly people who no longer have small children forget how hard it is to travel with them.  They have all sorts grandiose ideas about international trips that include the extended family or they talk of cruises that last for fourteen days (fourteen days!!).  What this would mean for parents with very young and/or very rambunctious children is entirely different than for a family or couple with older/calmer or completely grown children. 

The thought of being trapped on a boat for fourteen days, and I don’t care how big it is, with my boys is enough for me to shout, “Woman overboard!”  Imagining my friend traveling across oceans with her little clan of young kids makes my skin crawl with anxiety for her.  Essentially this ‘vacation’ would simply mean she would be responsible for all her regular motherhood duties with the added bonus that her kids would be jetlagged and out their minds without their routine or familiar surroundings.  Nothing international is worth this kind of stress.  Nothing.  Not even a George Clooney sighting in Italy would take the sting away.

So, the question is, how do people forget how hard it is?  And please, if you know, share how to do so with me immediately.

2 thoughts on “Forget and Forget”

  1. Oh my gosh. I haven’t yet heard this yet, which is good, because my brain would have exploded and I’d have been unable to sit here with mouth agape.

    I’m with you on all of this. Yes, I would like to go overseas with my son, and I do have a little stateside travel planned for us so he can meet dear friends who no longer live near. But that’s with their loving acceptance of the fact I will spend most my time chasing after an energetic, hyper-curious 19-month-old!

    1. It helps tremendously if the people you are visiting understand what having a small, very active child really means. Good luck to you!

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