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Rules of the Road

The next time we head out on a road trip I need to devise a list of rules such as the following.

1.  Do not throw any objects whatsoever at Mom’s head whether in a vehicle or on land.  Better make that on horse, in a boat, in a go-kart, and at a magic show, too.

2.  Wrestling is allowed because with two boys it is inevitable.  However, wrestling 24/7 is not great.  Try to limit wrestling smack-downs to only eight per day.

3.  Try to go against Mommy instint at least fifty percent of time.  For instance, if I had followed my initial gut reaction at the riding stables, Full Speed would not have had the amazing experience of riding a horse all by himself:

4.  And lastly, always appreciate the opportunity you have been given to travel, have new experiences and spend time with the people you love.

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