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Generosity of Spirit

When we receive important news, we often are able to describe in detail where we were and what we were doing when first learn of it.

It was 10:14 a.m.  I was seated at the computer checking emails.  I had on shorts and a printed purple tank top that I had worn to my morning workout.   It was sunny and the heat of the day was beginning its usual build-up.  I wore no make-up, my hair was scrunched back in a haphazard ponytail and my brow was furrowed with concentration as I scrolled through my inbox.  I heard my phone beep to alert me of an incoming text.

Grandma wanted to know if she could take both boys overnight.

Do mothers like cocktails?  Is summer hot in Florida? 

I was feeling so generous of spirit after this offer I was willing to give her the whole weekend with them. 

Who knows, I may even let her have them for all of July.

I’m that generous.

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