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Luck of the Draw

I know I allow for sword play in my home.  Let me clarify NERF sword play.  Okay, the nerf doesn’t really do much to counteract injury and damage.  I am always trying to balance letting my boys ‘be boys’ and keeping my world safe and sane.

At breakfast I was not in the mood for sword shenanigans of any sort.  There was something about the way T.Puzzle precariously started swinging his sword about that my breakfast wasn’t sitting right in my stomach.  Maybe it was the cool breeze I felt as the sword sliced the air near my face.  Or maybe it was the way the fancy wine glasses hanging on display off our kitchen trembled with fear.

I do not know.

I do know that I was having none of it.

“Okay, that’s it, put the sword away,” I commanded.

“Aaaawwww, man,” a clearly disgruntled T.Puzzle retorted.

He dropped his sword in defeat and slouched down.

“I guess I’ll just have to play with a gun instead.”

Really, how lucky can one Mom get?

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