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Welcome to Our Special Show

Apparently since T.Puzzle and Full Speed are thoroughly enjoying their summer vacation, they would like Mad Dog to join in their fun.  On a ride home from errands Full Speed asked me if I knew Mad Dog’s work number.

“Why?” I asked.

“Maybe we can call his bosses later and see if they will let your husband have a week off.  Then we can make him feel very special all week long,” he replied.

I liked his idea.  I also enjoyed how he referred to Mad Dog as my husband and not as Dad.  I think he was trying to be more formal sounding so Mad Dog’s bosses would take his request seriously.

I didn’t want to dampen the sincerity of his spirit so I quickly devised a plan.

“Why don’t we make a video for Dad’s bosses and we can send it to Dad to share with his bosses later?”

T.Puzzle and Full Speed were quite happy with this notion.  They enjoy the art of video as much as a wrestling smack-down.

Here is the result:

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