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The Not So Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is a steep-sided gorge carved...
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Through the years of my motherhood adventure I often find it difficult to relate to my boys being that they are, well, boys.  Thankfully as they have gotten older I am finding more ways to feel connected to them.  One activity we all enjoy is doing learning activities together.  They actually like worksheets (for the most part) and I like helping them (for the most part).  It’s a great way to keep them entertained, quiet and every once in a while they actually learn something.

As Full Speed and I were working our way through some sentences trying to determine what the proper nouns were, he was fascinated by the name Grand Canyon.   Once he correctly identified it as a proper noun I told him that I had visited the Grand Canyon and it was spectacular.

“How cool!  How big were the cannons Mom?  Were they everywhere you went?”

“Not exactly, Full Speed.  There aren’t actually cannons.  A CANYON is a great, gaping hole in the ground that can go on for miles and miles and is enormous.  I have pictures of the Grand Canyon if you want to see.”

“No, thanks.”

Apparently if there wasn’t heavy artillery involved, he wasn’t interested.

Go figure.

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