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Home VS Away

On one hand I am silently counting the days and minutes until I can send the boys back to school.  On the other hand, I’m not ready for them to go.

Every day is up and down.  One minute they are bouncing off the walls and pushing me to the brink while in the next minute they surprise me with an unexpected laugh or hug.

Full Speed is becoming quite skilled at cracking me up.  He realizes this and now makes a daily effort to do so.

T.Puzzle says random things like, “I don’t want any Mommy in the world but you” and “I love my whole family soooo much.”  He usually accompanies these statements with a downpour of kisses, too.

Maybe I can negotiate with their schools and if they are having a really great morning, I’ll keep them home.  In return on the nutso mornings I will have them promptly to school at eight a.m.

Problem solved!

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