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A Pick Me Up

We have officially survived the first week back at school.  I realize it is going to take some time to get smoothly back into our routine.  Overall, the boys fared well and we are off to a great start.

One of the challenges of Full Speed’s school is the pick-up and drop-off.  There are over one thousand students at his school and until some kinks get worked out, pick-up especially is kind of a nightmare.  You throw in some good ol’ Florida heat and it can turn miserable pretty quick.  There’s not a lot of shaded areas to stand and wait.  It isn’t very fun.

Full Speed has noticed that this pick-up situation is getting out of hand.  He had a flash of brilliance and announced, “How about I walk home by myself?”  He’s a fairly confident kid and he did his best to keep this thought going.  Then, slowly, the doubt and fear of walking home alone shadowed over his face.  “Well, maybe since I’m in first grade I’m still kind of little and the cars wouldn’t be able to see me.  I might get run over.”

He was so cute trying to problem solve.  He was even more cute when he realized he may not be quite as brave as he initially thought.

So I’m resigned to continue this pick-up for the foreseeable future.  To cope, I’m applying lots of sunscreen and hoping some patience falls my way.  Oh, and I’ll do my best not to run anyone over.

2 thoughts on “A Pick Me Up”

  1. That’s so sweet. My baby girl is starting kindergarten in two weeks (and taking the yellow bus, thank goodness). My wee man is starting playschool in one month (which makes things a bit more complicated). On playschool days I’m going to have to be able to be at the playschool to pick up my wee man and his two friends on my bike, stuff them into their bucket seat and double Chariot, and get home in under 13 minutes to meet my girl at the bus stop. Miracles do happen… right?

    1. I applaud you! It is absolutely mind-boggling all the things that a Mom needs to juggle especially if there is more than one child involved. The parent pick-up situation is still pretty crazy for us but is improving. I wish you all the luck with your oldest starting kindergarten. It is a huge milestone!

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