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The Long and the Shorts of It

Sometimes all a Mom wants is a morning off from having to supervise her children getting dressed.  Even though I try to lay out the boys’ clothes the night before, there are times an intervention is needed.  I had left Mad Dog in charge of the morning routine and as walked in the living room I stopped short.  I mean I stopped because I saw Full Speed’s shorts.  Full Speed had on T.Puzzle’s clothes and vice versa.  Not only did Full Speed’s shorts hug his little booty in a very form-fitting manner, the shirt he had on barely came to his waist.  As for T.Puzzle in his oversized ensemble, he resembled a miniature gangster.

I asked Mad Dog if he noticed that the boys were in the wrong clothes.

“Hey, you leave me in charge and about all I can promise is that they will be alive when you get back,” he replied.  Apparently anything else goes.

So, as I headed upstairs I hoped that when I returned, the clothes situation would be sorted out and each boy would be in shorts that actually fit him.  This was mostly true.  The shorts were correct and even their shirts were properly switched.  However, on closer inspection I realized that Full Speed’s shirt was on inside out.

Thankfully, above all else, he was still safely alive.

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