Stick to Your Guns

This is an actual conversation I had with T.Puzzle this week regarding what he could take to his class for show and tell.

T.Puzzle:  I want to take my pirate sword.

Me:  I don’t think that would be very safe, how about your pirate gun?

Really, I hadn’t gone off the deep end, the gun was smaller in size, made minimal noise and performed a neat light trick of a skull and crossbones when directed at a flat surface.

So, there I was over waffles and blueberries trying to argue the merits of a gun over a sword.

I’m pretty sure most mothers of girls have not had a conversation like this.

Once T.Puzzle realized his lawsuit-magnet of a sword would not be allowed at school, he became very irate with me.  Our conversation continued…

T.Puzzle:  I can’t eat this blueberry, it looks weird.

Me: It’s kind of smooshed but will taste the same.  Eat it anyway.

With great effort, he passed the blueberry between his lips and swallowed it.

Me:  See? Didn’t it taste like a blueberry?  And you like blueberries, right?

T.Puzzle: (grimacing)  No. It tasted like meat.

Me:  Good thing you like meat then.

T.Puzzle:  It tasted like BAD meat.

And so it went.  His attitude for the duration of breakfast was aimed at letting me know exactly how mean of a Mommy I really am.

When it was time for school, guess what he took for show and tell?

A ‘Cars’ book.

He really showed me, didn’t he?

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