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Ninja Santa

We had ‘Breakfast with Santa’ at Full Speed’s school.  The key is to go early and get your Santa photo before the cinnamon rolls and pancakes.  As we exited the photo area with our pictures, Full Speed spotted his principal.  He called out to her and proudly showed off his Santa photo (he later told me he KNEW Santa was the school custodian which I neither confirmed nor denied).  As she politely commented on how my boys were adorable beyond all measure and Full Speed was extraordinary in every possible way (or something like that), T.Puzzle chose this moment to take the photo, use it as a sword and try to behead Full Speed.

I’m pretty sure my boys are now a permanent part of the school’s ‘watch list’.  I’m proud to say that at least T.Puzzle showed some brilliant and precise sword maneuverings.  It’s always good to play to your strengths.

Ho, ho, ho!

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