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Our Little Buckeye Turns Five

When you find the perfect gift for someone, it almost feels like a gift to yourself because it makes someone you love so happy.  A few weeks ago Mad Dog ordered a Brutus the Buckeye winter cap for T.Puzzle’s 5th birthday.  As soon as T.Puzzle opened it up, he placed it on his head and could barely be convinced to remove it for the 80 degree day we were having.

The compromise we reached to avoid the most conflict on this milestone birthday, was to let me bring the cap in with his cupcakes in the afternoon.  He happily wore it as soon as I walked in his classroom’s door.

T.Puzzle proudly posing with his cupcakes

Who knew Brutus the Buckeye was capable of bringing so much joy to one little (or dare I say big) five year old?

Happy Birthday, T.Puzzle! We love you as much as much as you love Brutus!

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