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All Things Equal

All things are equal in a the life of a boy.  Helping out at an organization that serves the homeless population is as exciting as playing a dinosaur video game after a family movie.

I am trying so hard to teach my boys gratitude for what they have and foster a spirit of giving to help those less fortunate.  As I took a step back and watched the boys interact with the volunteers and the patrons of the wonderful organization we donated our time and items to, they treated everyone the same.  They were as excited to meet my friend who volunteers there as they were to hand out candy canes to the homeless in the waiting area.  They brought a current of excitement to every corner of that place.

Full Speed and T.Puzzle help sort and organize the clothes we donated.
Helping my friend hand out candy canes and spreading good cheer.

This same excitement carried through the rest of our day.  They boisterously enjoyed our afternoon movie of ‘The Adventures of Tin Tin‘.  They even took the dino hunting video game in the theater lobby to a whole new level of player concentration.

Dino hunting!

It’s possible that they didn’t fully appreciate our morning visit to the homeless organization.  Maybe that isn’t the point.  I think I learned more by watching them stay fully committed to each moment of their day no matter what it looked like.  They treated everyone and every situation of the day exactly the same.

All things and all people really are equal to them.

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