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Merry Parenting!

It’s difficult to know how effectively you are doing your job as a stay-at-home Mom.  There isn’t much to go in way of job performance reviews or bonuses for excellence in laundering.  I gauge how I’m doing based solely on the behavior and successes of my children.  This is not a system without its flaws.

We were outside yesterday as I tried desperately to burn some Christmas Eve energy out of the boys.  I ended up keeping them out too long and two meltdowns later, T.Puzzle had to be sent inside. 

Full Speed didn’t mind.  In fact he wholeheartedly agreed he was ready to go inside, too.  He put all the toys away without being asked and happily volunteered to help me put away my folding chair.

“Wow, Full Speed!  I’m so impressed with how helpful you are being.  Way to go!”  I felt so proud of him and myself.  Obviously my caring and thoughtful examples through the years for Full Speed were showing signs of paying off.  I gave myself a gold star for parenting until…

“Mom, I’m being a good helper to make sure I stay on Santa’s good list since Christmas is tomorrow.”

Santa – 1      Mom – 0

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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