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Partners in Crime

I picked up T.Puzzle early from school today.   I had lunch with Full Speed the day before and it was my attempt to keep things equal.  Little T.Puzzle was so thrilled to see me.  We came home, had lunch and I got to enjoy a conversation with him.  Usually his older brother dominates our family talks so it was nice to let T.Puzzle speak without interruption. 

After lunch I explained that he needed to play on his own for a bit while I got caught up on some of my super very favorite things like laundry and dishwasher duty.  I’m not sure if he caught the sarcasm there.  As I attacked my chores while singing showtunes to express my joy over sorting socks, he wandered around like a lost puppy.  He eventually gave up trying to figure out what to do on his own and laid down on the couch in defeat.

I think someone is missing his partner in crime. 

T.Puzzle in happier times with Full Speed by his side.

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