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Mom Knows Beast

In a house full of men no one believes that Mom, undeniably a girl, might actually know what she is talking about.  What separates Mad Dog from the boys is that he is wise enough to keep a good attitude despite the circumstance or at the very least feign compliance.  So when it was decided that all three boys were taking Mom to see Beauty and the Beast it went over like a ton of bricks.  Like I said, at least Mad Dog pretended that was exactly how he wanted to spend his Sunday afternoon.  Little T.Puzzle was initially on board with this movie idea.  Then, after he realized that Full Speed thought the movie was going to be, “too long and very boring,” he thought he might feel the same way.

The ride to the movie theater, which thankfully is only a mile or two away, was as if we were driving to the end of the world.  The boys appeared so sad that I started to have some serious second thoughts.  However, I have sat through countless movies with robots, machine guns, karate fights, etc., that I thought these guys could suck it up and watch a singing teapot for the next hour or two. 

Turns out T.Puzzle was won over as soon as the first song played.  Full Speed leaned over and begged me to tell him if the spell of the Beast was broken by the end of the movie.  He giggled his way through the funny parts and covered his eyes when Belle was attacked by the wolves.  By all accounts, this kid was invested in what happened to the Beauty and/or the Beast.

I may not know the ins and outs of Transformers, football or dinosaurs, but maybe, just maybe, every once in a great while, I actually do know what I’m talking about.

2 thoughts on “Mom Knows Beast”

  1. Such a perfect example of perseverance(by you) and not judging the book by its cover(for the boys). Uh….there was no mention of John’s reaction to the movie…..nap time? acceptance? guarded enjoyment? love you, ml

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