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No Question About It

When Mad Dog traveled for work this week, it actually went fairly smoothly at home (please, no one tell Mad Dog this).  The boys did go over the hyperactive deep-end one of the evenings he was away.  Blissfully, it was my monthly book club meeting and my incredibly patient babysitter suffered the brunt of their antics.  So while the week had been good, it was not without its bumps.

Additionally, my cell phone was broken which effectually ceased all my communication with Mad Dog.  While he is a champion of text-returning while away on business, connecting by phone with him is nearly impossible.  There was an unexpected bonus to this.  I was not subjected to his thinly veiled ‘suggestions’ on how to keep things in order on the home front.  He often will do this cleverly in question form.


1.  Did the boys help you bring in the recycle bins?

Translation: Sure hope you remembered to put out recycling.

2. Was the bank busy when you were there?

Translation: Sure hope you remembered the check I asked you to deposit.

You get the idea.

These kind of questions used to push my buttons.  Now, they only kind of do and mostly I find them to be humorous.

Fortunately for me, as Mad Dog has evolved, so have his questions.


1.  How do you manage to look younger every, single day?

2.  How did you get so beautiful?  (this one is my favorite)

At the end of the day, there is no question about it.  I sure do love that guy.

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