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Black Belt Mommy

Here’s a few things you should know about Mad Dog.  He’s handsome, incredibly smart, generous and he works a lot of hours.  For him long work days are like that he has brown eyes.  They are simply a part of who he is. 

As I mentioned earlier, he is also an incredibly smart man.  He knows that raising two boys, especially the two that I have, is quite a challenge.  Since he isn’t available to help out more, he has always encouraged me to enlist the help of babysitters.

I hit the jackpot last year when my hair stylist offered up to help me with the boys on her free days.  I was surprised because I had shared honestly about my boys and she volunteered to help me anyway.  She finds their extreme energy and strong personalities adorable.  She joined in the routine quickly and has been a tremendous help with the boys and especially  karate.  If you’ve noticed, there have been much less posts about traumatic incidents at karate since she’s joined the ranks about a year ago.

Quite frankly, I owe it all to this sitter.  She is a lifesaver.

Now, her lifesaving efforts will soon be over.  She starts a new job, will have less free days and won’t be able to lend a hand during the week. 

Unless they award black belts to stressed out Moms for their wine consumption, I don’t see how this will end anything but badly…!

Fortunately, with boys as awesome as mine, I can get through anything stone cold sober and with great aplomb. Well, maybe not entirely. Does aplomb have a sarcastic variety?

2 thoughts on “Black Belt Mommy”

  1. Let me just say how lucky you are to have had a sitter for so long! Because I am adopting kids through CPS, any babysitter I would have has to go through background checks and CPS scrutiny, and when I finally found one who not only loved being around a gigantic family but also passed with flying colors, she up and went off to college! I’m dying to find someone, ANYONE, to give me an extra hand so I can just breathe…

    1. I feel your pain. All the really great babysitters unfortunately are constantly expanding their horizons and moving towards their own dreams. I wish you well on your quest to find a new one. Congratulations on your adoptions. I know it is an exciting and stressful time. Deep breaths will help but so would another babysitter!

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