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Rules Were Made to be Broken

Yesterday a new love seat arrived for our family room.  It is very comfortable and has motorized foot rests.  Of course before Mad Dog and I could allow ourselves to enjoy it, our first priority was to set ground rules with the boys on how to treat this new piece of furniture.

1.  No jumping, fighting or standing on the love seat

2.  Do not play with the button for the footrests, this is not a new spaceship toy

3.  Sitting next to Mom is allowed but only if you can do so calmly and quietly (this usually lasts for about five minutes until I end up with a foot, yes, I said foot, in my eyeball)

Of course following these rules can be quiet a challenge.  I watched as T.Puzzle sat on the arm of our couch ready to launch himself at full force on the love seat.

“Whoa, hold on there, T.Puzzle.  Remember, no jumping allowed!” I said rather forcefully.

“I wasn’t going to jump, Mom.  I was going to swing.”

And with that, he grabbed the couch arm like a pommel horse and before I could stop him, swung his legs in a perfect arc landing squarely seated on the love seat.  It actually was quite athletic.  If I would have been watching these shenanigans in a different venue I may have been inclined to award him a bronze medal.

Looks like we’re back to the drawing board on our list of rules…

T.Puzzle as a baby swinging in the proper context

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