Cruise (Part 5)

Having recently returned from our kids-free cruise has helped me gain some much needed motherhood clarity.  Of course, the non-stop flow of vacation alcohol tends to have the opposite effect and somehow I learned some stuff anyway.

The most shocking realization is that by midnight the first night I acutely missed both my boys.  This is our 5th annual kid-free cruise and on previous ones it has taken me much longer to miss them quite so much.  All I can attribute this to is that I’m enjoying them and motherhood so much more at this stage in their lives.  Either that or my boys have worn me out so completely that I can no longer correctly identify my emotions.  

I also realized I need to possibly fine tune my life’s goals.  Namely, I need to create some.  When Mad Dog and I discussed the future I was at a total loss for words.  Somehow Mad Dog’s suggestions for me of mastering Urban Striptease Aerobics or attending every Ohio State football game this season somehow did not ring true.  It’s clear that I am a work in progress. 

And, finally, I learned a little bit about how to parent T.Puzzle.  Leading up to our cruise departure, T.Puzzle hadn’t been having a great run at school.  However, upon my return I learned he had three excellent school reports in a row.  I’ve concluded his behavior issues must be caused by me.  If I am removed, he apparently becomes quite angelic.  If I must give custody of T.Puzzle to my babysitter while he outgrows this seemingly Mommy-phobic stage, I will do so.  I am that committed to motherhood. 

You’re Welcome, America!

Each cruise is better than the last and so is each year with Mad Dog.

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