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Did I Say Loud? I Meant Awesome

Have you ever had a perfect day?  The weather is amazing, your kids are well-behaved and things in general run smoothly.  Our day started off with a lovely brunch near the open air.  There was an abundance of good food and sunshine.  The next stop was a park where the boys ran obstacle courses with their invited friend.  The trio was all heart as Mad Dog timed each of them.  It was fun to watch them try to out perform each other and their best times.  The added bonus is they were completely tired by the time we headed home.  No wait, actually only Mad Dog and I were completely tired.

Once home the boys helped me walk their neighbor friend across the street.  Her appreciative Mom said that she would love to have the boys over in the future.  Full Speed happily offered that he could come over right that instant.

“You can have us over anytime.  Our Mom needs a vacation from us because we are really, really loud,” he shared.

Not exactly a winning endorsement.  Any takers?

What they lack in peaceful tranquility, they make up for with an extremely high adorable quotient.

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