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A Twister of Emotion

This afternoon I read the headlines about the tornadoes and severe weather in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.  This also happens to be exactly where Mad Dog is for work this week.  I tried to be rational about the whole thing and that lasted exactly five seconds (give or take).  When my fourth text message and second phone attempt to Mad Dog went unanswered, my internal emotional center began to unravel.  Of course, I pretended externally that everything was fine.  The boys were fairly oblivious until I snapped at them for wrestling.  Then again, they must have figured I’d snap at them for something at some point because after all, it was a Tuesday.  Turns out, Mad Dog was in a meeting that was being held in the basement section of his building.  Ironically, the room that was keeping him the safest, was keeping him from receiving any of my frantic messages.  He was aware there was severe weather.  He didn’t realize the extent of this weather or that his wife was in desperate need to hear from him.  When I finally received a text from him I was so relieved, I had to hold back the rush of tears that promised to completely unhinge me.  All I could think about was how grateful I was that he was safe.  This experience makes me want to do better.  No one can predict the future.  We only can contribute to the moments that unfold right in front of us.  I hope in these moments to make the most of them and let the people I care about know exactly how much they mean to me.

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