Mom’s Day Off

Mad Dog thinks this note is highly entertaining. I plan to make several copies and use it indefinitely on an as needed basis.

See?  I even had medical documentation to take a day off.

It all started off innocently enough.  We were headed to a car show with the boys.  It was at a car dealership nearby and had reached full capacity for parking.  We were redirected to a field where we could hop on a van to return us safely to the show across the highway teeming with cars.   As we got on the van and I held T.Puzzle on my lap, a fire ant got hold of my left foot and went to town.  By the time his attack was over I had been bitten at least five times.  I have been allergic to these bites in the past but I have never had five bites at once. My body decided it was having none of it.

The reaction was almost instant.  I will spare you some of the humbling details.  Let’s just say there were hives EVERYWHERE.  My body felt like it was a mass of fiery itching.

Instead of a car show, we dropped the boys at Grandma’s and spent a lovely afternoon at Express Care.

There absolutely were some positives.  The nurse and doctor I had were exceptional.  They made sure I had a blanket when I got chilled so I could nap (yes, that’s right, you read correctly, a MOM got a nap during the day!), they put cool compresses on my swollen foot and generally fussed over me the way a Mom fusses over her own sick kids.  And, the steroid and Benadryl shots the nurse administered were miraculous in how quickly they improved my symptoms.  My body has actually returned to human form overnight.

Wow, what a Mom won’t do to get a little attention and a day off!

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