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Sign Me Up

I love many things about my life.  My husband is one of these.  My two, over-the-top boys are another.  I love that our life is full and busy (it has to be, quiet and low-key doesn’t work in this house).  I love that we have places we need to be and stuff that needs to be accomplished.

I don’t love when apparently we have to cram everything into one, short week.

Soccer is winding down for the boys.  This is good.  Make-up games abound next week.  This is bad. This means three games packed in five days for Full Speed.  What’s that?  Flag football practice starts for him this week, too?  Hmmm, anyone remember karate?  When is he suppose to do that?  Midnights?

What’s next?  Track and Field?  Beach Volleyball?   Olympic Curling?

Do I need to invent a wrist monitor that alerts me every time Mad Dog signs our boys up for something so I can stop him?

Since I never went to science camp as a child (this is not a hint that you need to sign the boys up for science camp, Mad Dog!), I likely will be unable to create such a device.

All I can do is ride the wave of the next crazy week and thank my lucky stars I have two boys who require lots of cheering.

You can sign me up for that any day.

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