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Water Break

While we struggled at the onset of the boys’ soccer season, we have reached a nice level of flow and acceptance.    Full Speed’s team has jelled and while they may not win every game, they try hard and work well together.  As for T.Puzzle, we have come to realize U-6 soccer is more a test in parental patience than it is anything else.  It’s good there are only two games left in this roller coaster season.  When we lose, we lose in such a spectacular fashion that it is sometimes difficult to regroup and move forward to the next game.  Fortunately, the kids at this level are so firmly planted in the present moment, they attack each new game with the confidence of an undefeated squad.

It has been interesting to watch T.Puzzle evolve over this U-6 season.  He started off much like last year.  His main concern was when the next water break would be called.  Then he slowly began to be invested in the outcome of the game.  First, he actually focused on where the ball was and what the score was for an entire game (this is impressive for a five-year old).  The next game, he took his defense seriously and to the extreme.  He began to use karate moves on the opposition (he has since been coached on keeping his hands to himself).  Now, he gets angry when he has to sit out a period.  He sits with crossed arms, kicks the bench and shoots daggers at Mad Dog (he has since been coached to adjust his attitude).

Looks like he is headed down the Mad Dog/Full Speed-win-at-all-costs road.

Seems I will be quietly waiting for water breaks alone from now on.

2 thoughts on “Water Break”

  1. My boys play baseball. The twins are in the “recreational league” of T’ball, no score, everyone bats, everyone wins kind of thing. (They save losing for the 5 year old around here!) But one of my twins has become quite competitive. He wants the ball. He chases the ball, and if he gets the ball, he sits on it, and that’s it. Only the umpire can get it back! The only thing that breaks his concentration is when they pass out the Gatorade!

    1. The competitive streak is something to behold. I admire it even it I can’t relate to it. That’s funny how one twin will sit on the ball and not give it back. He would fit right in here with my boys!

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