Actively Resting

I went to my allergist’s office again this morning because let’s face it, other than my house, this is probably the place I spend most of my time.  It was time for my monthly maintenance shots.  I was dressed in my work-out gear because I always try to be as stylish as possible and/or I had plans to work-out when I returned home.  The nurse noted my clothing choice and advised me not to do anything active for four hours.  Apparently this could raise my blood pressure and cause a systemic reaction while my body is processing the shots.

The real question here is, does laundry/grocery-shopping/cleaning fall in the ‘active’ category?

I’m guessing yes.  Thankfully, blogging is a breeze.

1 thought on “Actively Resting”

  1. As a kid I loved it that allergies kept me away from dusting, yard-work, sweeping, vacuuming, and anything else that stirred my allergies. I thought it was a breeze to have laundry duty. Fast forward to the lady with seven kids I’ve become, and I’m begging to trade… somebody pass me the broom!

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