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A Good Sport

We had a good week.  To quote T.Puzzle he “didn’t be bad to his friends” at school (always a bonus) and Full Speed has rightfully earned the nickname “Crazy Legs” on his flag football team.  This is Full Speed’s first season of flag football and he has taken to it like a fish to water.  I marvel how this determined little athlete is actually genetically related to me.  He must have all of Mad Dog’s sport-related genes.  Not surprisingly, I tend to become highly anxious watching Full Speed play.  Naturally, T.Puzzle senses this anxiety and feeds off of it masterfully.  We end up bickering like an old, married couple.  I have since learned to place him far away from me during games (I tried separate fields but that somehow felt wrong) and we all are happier for it.

My life from here on out will be heavily sports-centric.  I must accept this as my fate or I will crumble under the pressure.  Fortunately for me, I’m Full Speed’s and T.Puzzle’s number one fan.  Look out 3 on 3 soccer, we are coming for you soon!

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