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Share and Share Alike

Keeping up with our schedule sometimes leads to two, very tired boys by the time the weekend rolls around.  Add in lots of time with extended family and by last Sunday, meltdowns were the norm.  Mad Dog gallantly tried to play a soccer game with the boys and their cousins while I enjoyed some quiet indoors.  It seemed like every five minutes one of my boys was sent inside for poor attitudes, sportsmanship (or lack thereof) and random outbursts.  As the tantrums continued, Mad Dog’s stoic exterior gave way to out-and-out frustration.  While I did not enjoy the boys’ behavior, a slight part of me was happily relieved that Mad Dog was experiencing the boys at their worst.  As a working parent, Mad Dog only sees the boys for slivers of time during the week.  Then, when he spends time with them on the weekend, they are usually in great moods because, well, it’s the weekend.   As the parent who stays home, and believe me, I do not take my time at home or with them for granted, I get to see a lot more of their ups and unfortunately their downs as well.  When Mad Dog is witness to the downside, it helps to validate my motherhood experience in its entirety. 

 Today my wish for you isn’t that your kids have lots of meltdowns for someone other than yourself (if they must, then by all means, I hope it is for someone else!), instead I hope that you have someone (partner, friend, parent or anyone that makes you feel supported) who shares the good and the bad with you.  It just makes everything better.

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