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What I Didn’t Even Know I Wanted

This summer is going by in a flash.  It’s all swim lessons, soccer, traveling to see family and using every last ounce of energy to keep up with my boys.

While watching a recent soccer game, a Mom who also has two boys on our team commented on how parenting boys is so much fun.  She is completely right.  Initially, I thought I would be better suited to parent girls.  Who knew I would love to watch my boys tear up a soccer field?  I certainly didn’t.

Could you imagine if I had been given the ability to create the personality of my kids?  They’d have been quiet, easy-going and calm.  Their nicknames could have been Zero Speed and No Puzzle (most boring blog ever!).

I’m so glad it was out of my hands.  Thankfully, even though they challenge me in many ways, they are exactly who I was meant to have.

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